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mastering done right.

I know that you spend an insane number of hours, days and weeks on your songs, shedding sweat, blood, strings and drumsticks.

I also know that you now need to translate these results, into a one-of-a-kind, powerful release that will blow everybody's mind with what you created.

Let me help you achieve that powerful sound you have in your head, let’s blow people’s minds together.


On my portfolio you can find plenty of projects that I mastered, but nothing beats mastering done exactly to fit your song. Which is the reason why I am offering a free mastering test for new clients.
It's gonna be an accurate preview of 30/60 seconds of a full mastering (no rushy previews or anything like that), so you can actually check what I can bring to your mix.

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selected works.

do you like what you hear? get in touch.


what is mastering?

Mastering is the final process in which the engineer will check that the balance, energy and overall volume of the track meets a professional standard.


After mastering the songs will be able to compete with current releases and translate onto all types of sound systems including radio, clubs and earphones.


Your track will be processed through a mastering grade analog/digital chain to ensure the highest possible quality outcome, click here to see the list of my equipment.

what will you get?

You will get a high quality Wave (.wav) file and a total of three revisions included.

Standard mastering delivery time is 5 working days whilst the Express delivery is just under 2 working days.

Optional detailed feedback on the mixing/production.


- 24/32bit Wave (.wav) or Aiff (.aiff) file with a stereo bounce of your mix.

- Maximum peak of -6dB true peak.

- If you've got plugins or FXs on your stereo bus/master channel please send over two files, one including them and one excluding them.

- Any notes or concerns regarding your mix.

free preview.

Fill out the form below and you'll be able to upload your stereo file for a free mastering preview.

after you upload your file.

Once you'll fill out the form you will be able to upload your stereo file for a free mastering preview. 


I am gonna use the best out of my collection of tools: cutting edge plugins mixed with my inimitable analog outboard chain that includes legendary pieces from Manley, IGS Audio, etc in a treated listening environment, Focal monitors and mastering grade Prism Sound converters, the best of the best for your tracks.

Get ready to be blown away.

have you got any questions? feel free to get in touch.

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