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producer, mixing & mastering engineer.

selected works.

about me.

I am a producer, songwriter, mixing and mastering engineer, based in beautiful Kelham Island, Sheffield (UK).


I have worked in many different studios including Metropolis Studio A (London), Decoy Studios (Ipswich), Studio 91 (Newbury) and on a variety of genres ranging from rock, metal, pop, trap and more. I have worked with over 100 artists to help turn their visions into a reality, gathering millions of streams combined.

I know that you spend an insane number of hours, days and weeks on your songs, shedding sweat, blood, strings and drumsticks. I also know that you now need to translate these results, into a one-of-a-kind, powerful release that will blow everybody's mind with what you created.

Let me help you achieve that powerful sound you have in your head, let’s blow people’s minds together.

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