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West Homesick Recording Studio is a recording facility based in beautiful Kelham Island, Sheffield.

The mid sized live room really bring a hug of ambience to every instrument recorded in it, from drums to brass and everything in between.

Wide array of microphones, guitar and bass pedals for days, special analog outboard pieces, UA system and 16in/outs at our disposal.


Whatever your project calls for, I've got you covered.


With 12 years of experience and an endless amount of tools at my disposal I'll make sure to bring your vision to life.

From the most coveted analog pieces of gear like Empirical Lab ELX-8 (Distressor), Chandler TG Microphone Cassette, Manely Vari Mu and many others, to cutting edge plugins you are in great hands. And ears.

Let me help you achieve that powerful sound you have in your head, let’s blow people’s minds together.



Mastering is often described as a black art.

And if that's the case, you can all me a magician.


I am gonna use the best out of my collection of tools: cutting edge plugins mixed with my inimitable analog outboard chain that includes legendary pieces from Manley, IGS Audio and others in a treated listening environment, Focal monitors and mastering grade Prism Sound converters, only the best of the best for your tracks.


Having a tight arrangement and a bulletproof song structure is the foundation of a great track.


Whether we're recording together or I am just mixing and mastering your track you will have my full input in taking your song to the next level, making the best out of the arrangement, proposing new ideas to work on together, re-defining harmonies and layering.

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have you got any questions? feel free to get in touch.