It's not uncommon to find people online labeling drum samples as vibe killers, mood destroyers, basically drums samples are the devil.

And the truth can't be further from that.


Drum samples are not just used in every major and successful release, but they are daily used to inspire engineers and songwriters to create the right vibe for the song. As I always say to my clients it's all about the song, nothing else matters.

I took all of my experience that I gain recording drums in the last decade or so, some days off, my best drum shells, a lot of patience and I've recorded some unique drum samples that provided me the vibe that other commercial samples didn't give me. Basically my super powerful and tight drum room in a single shots wave files.

Featuring a handmade CVL Custom Drum Kit, Tama Starphonic, Pearl Chad Smith Signature Kit and many others, you're in for a treat.