Sometimes you need plenty of choices, sometimes all you need is a huge and fat help. I am thrilled to introduce my secret weapon the Fed Deep Kick Enhancer, a single one shot sample of my favourite kick drum in the world: CVL Custom Kick tuned in its deepest note possible. It is an astonishing ash tree 22”x20 kick drum, completely handmade in Italy following my specifications.

The tuning that I used combined with two Evans EMad 2 on both sides (batter and reso) made it the clearest and deepest natural kick drum I’ve ever heard of.


The sample has been pre-processed with a full analog chain of outboard gear. In the .zip file you’ll find:


Fed Deep Kick

Kick Close | AKG D112 > ISA One > Pultec Clone > SSL 611EQ > IGS TubeCore

Fed Deep Kick