The Fed Cannon Snare Enhancers is a pack of fat and warm sounding one shot samples, ideal for indie and rock production where you need that “in-your-face” kind of sound that everyone loves.

The aggressive snare I recorded for this pack is a 14"x6" CVL Custom Snare Drum with an Evans Heavyweight as batter head and an Evans 500 series as reso head.


All the samples have been pre-processed with a full analog chain of outboard gear. In the .zip file you’ll find:


Fed Cannon Snare (individual files + blend)

Snare Top | SM57 > ISA One > SSL 611EQ > Warm Audio Bus Comp

Snare Bottom | SM57 > Focusrite Liquid > SSL 611EQ > Warm Audio Bus Comp

Snare OHs | Ocktava 012 mkII > Focusrite Liquid > Pultec Clones > IGS TubeCore

Snare Rooms | Lewitt LCT440 Pure > Fredenstein Artistic Pre > 1176 Clones

Snare Away | C214 > Focusrite Liquid > SSL 611EQ > 1176 Clone

Snare Blend | A blend of my taste of all the files above.

Fed Cannon Snare