Starting as a guitarist and continuing with learning drums, bass, music theory, arrangement, songwriting and most importantly music production with focus on recording, mixing and mastering, Fed is a jack of all trades with a decade of experience between different studios in different Countries.

He has gained great experience from past tours set across Europe and UK as a guitarist and vocalist helping him to understand how a proper banger should sound to be excellently received by the crowd, as well as working in the studio with artists playing a wide array of genres, allowing him to expand his horizons and have a fresh take on every project.

His process starts from the ground up because having a tight arrangement and a bulletproof song structure is the foundation of a great song. This is why a big part of his process is about pre-production, where he works with his clients on things like harmonies, riffs, bass lines, pads/textures in the background, FX, drum grooves and more importantly bringing fresh ideas to the table because he believes that creativity is contagious and new ideas always bring new ideas and, most importantly, a stronger connection with the artist he's working with.


The studio where Fed is based and does big part of his works is West Homesick Recording Studio in the beautiful and vibrant Kelham Island (Sheffield, UK), the same neighbourhood that hosted early Arctic Monkeys (as you can tell from The View From The Afternoon) and it's still hosting Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps, just to name some.

It features a very precise control room, a live-y tracking space, an insanely huge hallway to get things messy when needed, as well as a completely dry vocal booth. That's the ideal palette of flavours you search for to be as expressive as it gets.




Mark - Sub Machine

I've just finished an album with Fed @ West Homesick studio, and I've been delighted with the process and outcome. I've been in a fair few recording studios in my time and I think that Fed has a very rare combination of great qualities: for a start, he is technically excellent, but just as importantly, he cares about your music and your project, he wants to do an amazing job, not just 'get it done and on to the next one'. Combine this also with the fact that he listens carefully to what YOU want, but also where needed can bring really good creative ideas himself and to me you've got the ideal producer. Thanks again Fed, and I look forward to working with your more in future. Cheers.

Keaton - Crossfire Eagles

After producing our single I can honestly say Fed is worthy of a 5* review!
- The process for pre-production and recording was ever so smooth. 
- He listens to your ideas and ensures to maximise their potential. 
- Feedback was dealt with professionallay and competently.
- A very skilled engineer with evident 10 years of experience.

Thanks for recording our single and bringing it to the next level, Fed!

Matty - RCKLSS

We recorded our debut EP with Fede, and he took the songs further than we thought was possible. He is ever accommodating (both personally and financially), friendly and has one of the greatest work ethics that I've encountered. We had such a great week working with him, and I'd recommend him to anyone.

Axl - Outta Peak / Sleepless

I've been in bands for the best part of 10 years and have recorded in almost all studios local to Sheffield so take it with full honesty and no small feat when I say this is the best studio in Sheffield if not Northern England. 
Federico is the most hardworking, passionate engineer you could ever meet, he will painstakingly work to make your dreams a reality and do it with a smile on his face because of sheer love for his job and passion for good music. His ear for detail is immaculate and he will make you feel at home, granted this is aided by the wonderful homely surrounding of his studio. I can't recommend West Homesick highly enough, don't hesitate, book in and make the sound in your head that you've always dreamt of a reality.

James - Crossfire Eagles

We have just recorded our latest track with Federico and can absolutely recommend his expertise and work to anyone!

The recording process which we went through was exceptionally professional and the outcome was phenomenal!

We went into the studio hearing nothing but raving and professional reviews and decided this was the best route to take for what we were looking for, we were not disappointed! I can honestly say Federico is extremely welcoming, high class in his field and evidently passionate about his job making the experience all the more better! We are looking forward to be working alongside homesick studios to develop new tracks! 100% recommend.

Thanks for the work you’ve done for us!

Ryan - One Year Dead

Great guy, we came to record our latest single with him, we thought we had a belter already but he made it 100x better than what it was, extremely patient and always offering advice about what he thinks would go better without being too pushy. We take everything he says on board and as a result he made our songs what they are today! \m/

Tyler - Crossfire Eagles

A fantastic experience! 
The first time our band Crossfire Eagles walked into West Homesick Studios we were made to feel very welcome by producer Federico Telesca. Everything was very well set up and the recording was a very enjoyable experience.
After going through 3 stages of recording, the method Federico uses means that each song reaches its full potential. The attention to detail that gets puts into each song is extremely impressive and as a result the final product is mind blowing! 
Any band or musician looking to record their music should look no further than West Homesick Studios.

Federica - The Shiver

This studio is fantastic, Federico (owner and sound engineer) is super skilled and very professional. You can record great stuff feeling comfortable and be sure the result will be very high level! I totally recommend it!

Stacey - Broken Piano

I worked with Federico on a single some months ago. The process was very creative from the very first rough clips sent through, to the final mix revisions.
 With proficient use of some awesome tech, the song sounds ten times bigger than anticipated and the process was fun and stress free. Highly recommend.

Daniele - Hybris

We worked online on a mixing and mastering project, I was blown away from the quality Fed got us. Very competitive rates and a professional result. I'll use this studio for future works for sure!